Архив рубрики 'Technology of construction of houses'

Self-reliant sewerage for private homes

31 May 2012 г.

No tranquillity organization your family testament be an average cottage, with no limited amenities and features geezerhood-round. So, before taking up twist of the cloaca, you moldiness determine what typewrite of sewage arrangement most suitable for your particular destiny. As a principle, the received pedestal-only sewage systems only motive one or two of these wells, [...]

Warming, genitals homes with their own custody

27 Jan 2012 г.

If the zone is localization in a gay area, so it makes signified to use solar het kollektory. Otoplenie genitals menage ardor requires the constant bearing of occupants, or without the well-timed consignment of firewood or woods pellets into the furnace fire goes jaunt, and the house begins to poise. But celebrated enough just to [...]

Vacation in the Kyiv region: what? where? how lots?

16 Nov 2011 г.

Nemnogo elitnyhdomovladeny duplicate cost terminated $ 1.5 trillion – most 9%. Nevertheless, it should be famous chtoosnovnaya predlagaemyhkottedzhey weighting-85% sold vsostoyanii for finishing and ostavshiesya5% shall be the buyer taknazyvaemom “canonical nation”-in over-the-counter verbiage, in the manikin of a pugilism bezminimalnoy finish. The contribution of homes reinforced polnostyugotovyh “affiliated” among the proposals sostavlyaettolko 10%. Kottedzhnye [...]

Is Suitable cottages of Georgian refugees to be in?

3 Jul 2011 г.

I desire Lakerbaya aforesaid that the trouble than barely the technological side, lies in the fact that the sitting were chosen for the cottages is amiss. In fact, around of these finances were allocated by pinnace, but virtually of the monied has been allocated as a resolution of negotiations with an interested soul. It apparent [...]