The positive dynamic of prices for new buildings in areas of the “New Moscow

According to the “Analytical Consulting Center Miel” in August, continued to market the new proposals, mostly in the early stages of construction. This adjusted average prices for new construction near Moscow after the July povysheniya.Za month supply volume grew by 0.6%. New proposals – the apartments to 23 addresses. Among them – as in the case of low-rise residential complexes and high-rise housing in the areas of mass zastroyki.V August 2011 the weighted average bid price on the market of new buildings of the Moscow region in comparison with the previous month, almost unchanged and amounted to 63.0 thousand rubles per square meter. Price in dollars – $ 2191 / sq. M. Sohranilsya at July’s performance and offer prices in the economy class segment of the buildings. The average price of newly built middle and business classes has increased by 0.3% and 0.8% respectively. A slight positive trend was observed in almost all areas of the Moscow region. The exception was the north region (-1.0%), Northeast (-2.0%) and West (-1.1%). The rise in prices continued in the South (1.7%), East (2.1%) and Southwest (0.2%) Podmoskovya.V whole. YTD average price proposals for new buildings of the Moscow region grew by 1.1%. “The market buildings of the Moscow region as a whole, there is a stable price situation, supported by robust growth rates in supply. At the same time in August there was an increase in the bid prices for individual items, as in the areas being connected to Moscow, and in the next to the ‘New Moscow’ areas – said Vladislav Lutskov, General Director of “ASC Miel.” – In autumn, in connection with the traditional “splash” of consumer activity, and is expected to further increase prices for the most liquid objects. “” In the primary market of Moscow region remains higher construction activity, compared with Moscow. Marked increase in the proportion of low-rise projects. The fall is expected to yield a number of major new facilities, work on which is already under way. Applications for extension of the boundaries of Moscow influenced the developers, who in anticipation of the autumn season of activity are reviewing pricing on some projects. In some cases, we should expect higher prices for the most liquid objects in a more advanced stage of construction readiness.

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